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    Not to be confused with Homostrology.com… HomoAstrology.com is your Gay/Lesbian Love Compatibility resource.  Finally, an astrology destination, written by a Gay Astrologer, for the gay community.  Let’s face it, everything about us is special and alternative, that’s we our in house Gay Astrologer is the best choice.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here as life is too short, but one thing we understand is AMOUR!

    Did a Gay Taurus break your heart?  More than likely, yes, but find out why….  Will your fun loving Gay Sagittarius ever settle down with you?  It’s possible, if you play your cards right…  Is your Homo Aries Lover the Playboy of the zodiac?  YES, absolutely … sorry if you were hoping for a different answer.  Why does your Queer Libra crave so much attention from others?  He’s the Lover of the Zoadiac and associated with Venus… that’s why others are so attracted to him too!  To get more insight on your Gay Love Affair, Lovematch, Couples Compatibility, and more, read your Free Homo Horoscope daily from HomoAstrology.com